Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Storybuilder Stories

The Lost Hunter
by G8

Once there was a hunter. He is very imaginative. One day he found a tree house. There was a gadget. He pressed a button. Whizzzz. He was in the jungle. He heard a sound. It was a lion! He took out his gun a shot it. He missed! But he was happy. It was his dog! He was home!

The end.

The Explorer
By A6

Once a explorer was on a mission in the old church. So she went in. She saw nine old chairs. She sat in one. It broke. There are squeaky sounds, but she is fearless. She turns a pencil. A secret staircase! She said, I wonder where it leads to. So she went down. She saw a dog and she saw a cross. She knew that God was with her.

The end.

St. Nick Finds a Snowy Field
by E5

St. Nick found a snowy field and he built a machine. The machine made stockings. Then an elf came and he was very angry. He was angry because one of the Christmas toys got broken. St. Nick came and fixed it. Then the toy bear came to life. Then the elf was happy. St. Nick told the teddy bear and the elf about the true meaning of Christmas. He told them it was Jesus' birthday.

The end.

The Puppy is Tired
by H3

Once upon a time the puppy was tired. His name was Rascal. The puppy was tired because he was in a snowy, icy castle. He couldn't get out. He didn't get to drink any water or get to eat. He was locked up. Superman flied in the air and got in to the icy castle to get Rascal. Superman saved him.

The end.

Monday, December 15, 2008


G8: I'm the oldest. I like Bionicles. My favorite subject is Math. I'm in 2nd grade and my mom teaches all of us at home. I am tall for my age.

A6: I am six years old. My favorite animal is horses. My favorite sport is soccer. I love my brothers and sisters a lot.

E5: My favorite animal is tiger cubs. I am in Kindergarten. I love my friends. I am five.

We have a little sister, H3...a little brother, E1...and a little sister, Baby L.